Monday, June 6, 2011

Picnic for Two

I missed out on an awesome patio set at a garage sale a few weekends ago.  I was totally bummed out but Ryan remembered that Costco had a sweet picnic table we could get instead.  I was still upset about the patio set but I was sold on the idea of getting a picnic table cloth to go over it and it would be so cute.
Ryan was excited as well bc he put it together the other morning.  I came home for lunch that day and came home to this.
How cute I know!  He wasn't home when I got home bc he went to get pizza.  He wanted to have a picnic on out new table.  He was going to make sandwiches but we didn't have the stuff to make them.  Pizza was the next thing he thought of as picnic food.  How cute is he, and the table!  The best part is it folds up!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lazy Much

I have been taking long walks around my neighborhood and I always take Molly.  We usually go later in the day so it isn't as hot but last Saturday we went a little later in the morning.  About 10 minutes into the walk, Molly gave me the look.  You know, THE look.  She slowed her pace down, looked up at me with tired eyes, and she was panting hard.  I thought, she's only 7 pounds, I can carry her her for the next block or so then she can walk again. Well after about 3 blocks I put her down and she just stood there.  She wouldn't budge when I pulled on the leash so I continued to carry her.  Ya, she totally knows how to get what she wants.  

She is enjoying her "walk" 

 I finally put her down a block away from our house and about 45 minutes of carrying her.  I dropped her leash and she just took herself home. She knew where she was going.  She would look back to see if I was still there but kept heading home.  

 You would think she carried me the whole walk the way she was panting. 

I'm not falling for it next time.