Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Olofson Wedding

Our good friends Pat Olofson and Christine Arnold got married over the weekend.  They got married in a park with a mountain in the background.  It was really beautiful.  Ryan was one of the groomsman.

  All the friends
Nick Sorenson, Sam Mineer, Katie McGauley, Tyler Francis, Scott Sorenson, Bonnie Thompson, Christine Arnold, Pat Olofson, Ryan, Me, Tyler, ?, Kelvin Bahr, Trevor Olofson
 The wedding party

 Of course there was dancing...

 and lots of it
 Doesn't Ryan look amazing!!! He has worked really hard and has lost about 40 lbs! 
I'm so proud of him!! He's so hot!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Candy Stripe Caroling

A few years back, before I was in Ryan's live, at his family white elephant Christmas party,  got this gem complete with a hole in the bum.  And of course Christmas wouldn't be compete unless he modeled it.  
Throughout the years he has managed to hang on to them and they resurfaced this year.  He went and caroled at Tracy Abbott's house, his boss from Abbco.  He was joined by some elfs, his brothers Curtis and David. 

It was such a treat to watch them do this.  It made my Christmas dreams come true.
 Molly got some use out of the pjs on our way home.

It's here, it's here, it's FINALLY here

Ryan's hunt is finally here.  He got drawn for a bull elk in section 22.  He left Thanksgiving night and camped out there for a week. Ryan and 3 of his friends Scott Sorenson, JD Baker, and Pat Olofson  got drawn together.  Ryan meet Scott up there and they hung out for 3 days until Pat and his dad came up for a day.  JD was working and couldn't make it. 
 and hiked, about 13 miles a day.  He said he saw a bunch of cows (female elks) but no bull elks! 
 One the last day Scott went home and my dad joined him up there. 
*he is the cutest hunter I have ever seen* 
 They were hiking in a canyon and it started to snow so hard that Ryan couldn't see the other side of the canyon. 
 Within a few hours there was about 3 inches on the ground. 

 Pictures from my dad.  Ryan hiking down the canyon.
 It's snowing...
and freezing. 
No that's not a serial killer, that is my dad trying to keep his face warm in the snow. 
 Sad to say Ryan didn't get his elk but he said the snow on the last day made it worth it.  He had fun and wants to try again next year.


This year was a blast.  We woke up early and went to Glendale so Ryan could play football and I could hike with Molly. 
 I was surprised how much Molly liked hiking.  It was her first time.  She just kept on going.  I only carried her for a little  bit. 

Daniel Dawson playing with Molly

 Ryan and Nick Sorenson

 This year we spent Thanksgiving with my family.  We had it at my parents house and the Shreeves joined us. 

Dan, Jake Shreeve.  My parents Donna and Derwin 
 Playing catch with Tyke
Boys playing speed 
 Elli and Kenna playing on the swing set.
Looking at the ads, getting prepared for black friday.  Ryan left right after dinner to go hinting.  I went black Friday shopping with my sister Jami and Mom.  I didn't plan on getting much but I went crazy and got most of my Christmas present that night.  I can't tell what I got yet, Ryan still needs to open them.