Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lesson Learned...

I have cut Molly's hair a few times during the winter to save money.  It's not her favorite thing to sit on my bathroom counter and get her hair but I bribe her with treats so she sits for a little bit.  If Ryan is home, he gets to be my special little helper and hold her still for me.  
In the past I feel comfortable saying that I did some what of  a decent job.  Now I shouldn't open a dog grooming business anytime soon, but I thought I was pretty good at trimming her.  But once it stayed hot for a week or so I decided to treat her to a day at the doggy spa.  Who am I kidding, she hates going there, but she looks so cute when she is groomed.  Well it's been a few months since that happened. 
*after the dog groomer 
On Sunday I got the idea to trim her up.  The main thing I wanted to trim was around her face.  But I thought she might like to have her hair a little shorter since it's hot.  That's where I went wrong...
*Notice the shaved bare chest area, by her back leg, all the skin showing.
She looks like she has some sort of disease.  Believe me the pictures do her justice.  I don't have clippers that glide over her and give her a good cut so I grab hair pull it up from her and trim that.  I did it once right by her leg and realized then that it was a bad idea but I had to keep going to try to make it look even or at least I thought I had to keep going.
We went to dinner at my parents house they noticed but didn't want to say anything, they were trying to be polite.  We had a good laugh.
Later that night we meet up with Ryan's brother David and his family.  They asked if Molly had something wrong with her coat or a disease.  We started laughing and once we told them what happened we died laughing. 
So if you see Molly and she looks a little...different...you know what happened.  Don't make her feel more self conscious.  :)  I'm going to stick to doing human hair and steer clear of cutting dog hair.  Lesson Learned

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Birthday Boy

Someone had a birthday on June 28!!  Yep it was RYAN!!!!  He turned 25!  We didn't just celebrate his birthday but he had a birthday week.  We celebrated a few different times.  
On his birthday some friends came over and brought fireworks and who were they....
PATRICK, CHRISTINE AND KATIE!!  Whoo hoo!! Patrick and Katie are wearing shirts with his face on it.  He felt so honored. 
They brought pizza, and we had a party!
He got a sweet back scratcher,
Arizona shirt with horses on it, yes I said horses and a gift card from his awesome friends.   
Molly of course was invited.
I got him stuff to use when he goes hunting and 
a gun case.  I got fancy this year and used grocery ads to wrap his presents. 
PS Apples were on sale that week at Frys. 
Ryan prefers pie to cake so I got him a german chocolate pie and a mini banana cream pie. They were super yummy.  We couldn't find candles so we resorted to using a lighter.  We are classy! 
It took a few tries to get it to stay lit. Doesn't Ryan look good in his horse shirt, I thought so.
That weekend Ryan and I had a fancy night.  We went to Home Depot, Carabas and almost made it to a movie, but it was to late to go. On Saturday we went to Ah-So.  It was a great weekend!  Happy birthday baby!  You're the bestest friend I could ask for!

Monday, July 11, 2011

1st and 10...Hike!

Ryan played a few football games with his friend Todd McClellan. I enjoyed watching him run his buns off, and ripping peoples flags off.  He did awesome.  

What a stud

Friday, July 1, 2011


Ryan's brother graduated from Southern Utah University.  We traveled to Cedar City for the event.  It was a really fast trip, we left on Friday and came home on Saturday.  We went with Ryan's dad, brother Curtis, and his son Zane.  At first I thought it was a little crazy to take a 4 year old on such a long road trip but I was totally wrong.  Zane was a such a good boy and really entertaining.  
Curtis, David, Ryan and Alicia (Ryan's sister)

The fam. Ryan, Dad, David, Curtis, and Alicia
Once we got into town we went to the hotel to check in.  Ryan's dad and Curtis went in to get everything ready while Ryan, Zane and I waited in the car for them.  At this point we had been the car for awhile and my tummy had been hurting, so I thought it would be okay to relive it.  Ryan totally called me out on it while Zane and I were laughing.  I told Zane not to tell anyone when they got in the car.  But Ryan of course told everyone and when Curtis got back in the car, he asked Zane if someone tooted, and he said "I don't know." He totally had my back.  At that point I knew that we were always going to be good friends.  

On our way home we stopped at the new bridge.  It was so crazy how high up it is. I love looking down at the dam, it has such a crazy view.  We got back into the car after the bridge and Zane was so funny and kept saying, with his cute little voice that he was the only one that saw the bridge.