Tuesday, April 26, 2011


So we got home from a movie one night and our smoke detectors started to chirp. I thought no big deal, we'll just change the battery out.  In this little hallway behind Ryan and Molly there are 3 detectors with in a 2 foot radius, and one above Ryan's head so we had to figure out which one it was.  We found out it was the room on the left, the salon, and switched the battery out.  THEN after that they all started to chirp.  ALL OF THEM!!!!  Ryan got so annoyed he put his shooting ear muffs on to drown out the sound.  After switching out batteries on 4 of them, pressing the test button a few times they still CHIRPED!!
*he's so cute with her!
By this time it was around 1 am, they had been going off for a solid hour.  I was getting ready to call the fire department thinking they were the only ones that would know how to fix it.  The batteries we put in were out of the package so we thought they were new.  Ryan thought of cutting the wire and taking them completely out but we got nervous it would set our house alarm off, so that idea got thrown out. 
Annoyed they were still going off we headed off to get some new batteries.  Thank goodness Wal-Mart is still open at that late hour!!! 
*Don't you love Ryan's assistant.  She looks annoyed to!  Don't worry we took her to Wal-Mart with us so she wouldn't have to listen to the noise while we were gone.
It was 2:30am by this time!!!
They haven't chirped since.


I GOT BANGS!  That's from Legally Blonde.  I think of that line every time I cut bangs on someone or when I get bangs.  I was bored one morning and decided I need a change.  It was either cutting bangs or chopping my hair.  I went with bangs, it’s less drastic.  So I got my little manicure scissors out (bc I was too lazy to go get my hair shears), and started cutting.  They turned out better than I thought, plus my hair grows fast.  Horary for Bangs!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Do I really....

Yesterday my tire pressure light came on and told me one of my tires were low.  I didn’t think anything of it b/c it has come on before and I drove for around 2 weeks without it going flat. 
Well...this time that wasn't the case. 
Driving to lunch I told Sarah my tire could be flat b/c my light came on yesterday and I didn’t check my tires.  We got to her house and she looked at the passenger back tire and it was completely flat, So we decided to change the tire.  I called my dad bc we couldn't figure out where to put the jack, but he was 15 minutes away.  We got the car manual out and  it showed us a picture of how to do it.  Sarah was able to figure it out.  We got the car lifted and the tires switched out.  I have to give us a big pat on the back!! WE TOTALLY DID IT, except my dad tightened the bolts when he got there and lowered the car.  But other than that, WE TOTALLY DID IT!!!  I'm thankful he was able to help us out! He’s always there when I need him.

Man of the hour.  What a bundle of help he is!!!

Katie Baptism

This is Katie McGauley. 
She has been friends with Ryan for a long time.  Since I meet Ryan I have had the opportunity to become good friends with her also.  She is so beautiful, amazing, easy to talk to, awesome and so so fun to be around.  She decided to take a big step and get baptised.  We couldn't be happier for her.  We love you Katie!!

Valentines Day

A little late...
This year for Valentine’s Day we celebrated at home.  We decided our anniversary is 3 weeks after so we'll make that a big deal.  This year Ryan cooked for me.  He roasted potatoes, pheasant (that he shot with his friend Scott and his dad), onions and other things he threw in with an artichoke on the side.  It was so YUMMY!!  He's a great cook!

The card I made him.
Happy Valentines Day!!! I love you!!!