Monday, January 24, 2011

Suns Playoffs with Bryson

We got tickets to go the the Suns playoff games and we took Ryan's nephew Bryson with us.  It was a close games but we WON!!  I was sitting next to the loudest fan there, he's in my picture with the beard and hat.  Yes Ryan is a VERY loud cheerleader for the Suns but even though he's loud, it makes the game more exciting.  

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A tad behind...

Welcome, welcome.  Since I am starting this a little later, I want to do some catching up on Ryan and I's dating life, engagement life and getting married.  I want to use this as my journal. I hope to figure out how to make it into a book someday. I am not very good at journaling so this is the best way for me to do it.  Plus I love the fact I can add pictures, so beware, there will be a lot of them.  I hope to keep up on this the best that I can. I think the blog is a little confusing right now, but I hope to figure it out.  ENJOY! 


March 5, 2010

Ryan was so excited he showed off his best high kick ever. I hope he stretched before.

 My beautiful bouquet! I've never seen flowers like that before.
 The girls from KS Apraisal. Holly, Stephenie, and Sarah
 Arriving at our luncheon. It was so yummy!
 The Gardner Family
 Harper Family
 My sisters and sister in laws. Rachel, Melissa, Me, Lisa and Jami. We looked so hot with our pink shoes on
 The groomsmen. Todd, Patrick, JD, Ryan, Me, Scott, Steve, Todd, and Nick. They all looked so handsome in their matching ties.
 Flowers, Food, Cake, It was all so amazing!!!! It looked so beautiful.
Notice the pink lamp above my cake, my dad painted it. He's so clever and funny. He came up with that all by himself.

 Ryan making sure he has enough energy to last him through the night.
 Aimee and Krystle, we have been friends since high school.  They are so amazing!
Vanilla Ice Ice Baby! Ryan's brother Dave sang the whole song while the boys were his back up dancers. I was so impressed. 

 Who can forget the dance off!! Ryan vs. Daniel Dawson. I think it's safe to say that Ryan's Red Bull worked and he had plenty of energy to last the night.
 Our first dance! This picture reminds of a scene in a movie. :)

 Daddy Daughter dance

They trashed our cars. They put saran wrap around both of them, flour in Ryan's air vents, toilet paper, and shaving cream. Their time will come. We will get revenge.  Ryan getting blown in the face with the flour. This was the best night ever! We had so much fun! I'm the luckiest girl because I marry Ryan. 
Thank you Nick Sorensen for all of the great pictures. Check out his blog.


I know this happened forever ago but I am just now getting around to posting about it. My awesome sisters Lisa, and Jami, Mom Donna, and sister in laws, Melissa and Rachel put together this beautiful shower for me. It was so much fun. We had all my rice crispy treats, brownies, Neds Crazy Sub, and cookies. They know how to throw a spicy party.
My awesome food table

Lisa and Melissa

Julie, Mom, Coleen, Melissa and Rachel

KS Girls, Holly and Sarah

My mom and nieces Blayke and Elli

Jami designed this,  she is so amazing

He stopped by at the end of the shower, mainly for some Neds.
It was a great shower! Thanks Lisa for hosting and decorating! Thanks everyone else for helping it out, Mom, Jami, Melissa, and Rachel! It was so everything I could ever ask for. :)

Bridal Pictures Woot Woot!!

Here's a few of our bridal pictures. Ryan looked so handsome in his suite.
I'm one lucky girl.
I was so happy with how they turned out. Nick Sorensen took them. He's very talented. Check out his blog.