Friday, May 20, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt!

This is the usual scene on Easter.  The adults sit on the fence while the kids are looking for the eggs.  This year Ryan Harper, Ryan Gardner, me, Cole and Clay helped us hide the eggs.  
Rachel, Cody, Donna, Derwin, Cole, Clay, Ryan, Lisa, Jami in the back.  
Sweet Sweet times!

This gem is a picture Lisa got of me, taking a picture of Molly.  I know I look good, don't be jealous. Yes I am being totally serious. 
 Here are the sweet pictures I got of my sweet precious Molly. Yes I placed the egg next to her.  She's doesn't appreciate my hard work. 
The best pictures I got.  She's was to interested in what was going on around her.  Maybe I'll get a better picture of her next Easter.

Everyone counting their money and candy.  What a great time day!

Someone's a year older...

It's me!!! My 28th birthday was great this year.  I inching my way to 30 and it freaks me out.  That plus for the next 2 months I am 4 years older than Ryan.  I like to play the "I'm older card" when I'm trying to win a fight or make a point.  It hardly works. 
My birthday was on a Saturday so I got to spend the whole day with Ryan.  While I did hair for a little bit in the morning Ryan ran and got me Jamba Juice, flowers and a card.  He's so sweet.  We thought since my birthday was on a Saturday we would go and get all the free stuff you get for your birthday. 
First Stop...Joe's Farm Grill.  They give you a free meal.  It was our first time there and it was so good.  We would definaly go back. 
Next...welll...we were driving by Joe's BBQ in Gilbert, so we stopped by there after lunch and got some BBQ for the next day, since it was going to be free.  On Sunday during lunch, we were glad we did. 

Next...we went to Krispy Kreme to get the free dozen dounuts. 
That night we went to Charlestons' for dinner.  It wasn't the best idea b/c we weren't that hungry from all the eating we did through out the day.  That night Ryan surprised me and we meet some friends and went dancing in Scottsdale.  I always forget how much I love to dance. I don't care what people think and do my thing.  We have a fabulous time. 


We didn't have a Hangover type of trip but it was still fun and full of laughs.  We went on a really fast trip to Vegas with a couple of our friends.  It was a weekend filled with losing money ($180, but who's counting, and lets say it wasn't me who lost it but my better half), roulette, learning craps, walking, eating, shopping, gelato (a must have for me), and of course people watching. 

We are so photogenic.  

My sister Lisa and me sitting outside of Cheesecake Factory.  

Happy Birthday Danette!!

While the boys are away the girls will play!  During priesthood this last conference, I went to Texas Roadhouse with Ryan's two sisters, Danette and Geanna.  We went for Danette's "29th" birthday.  It was so fun.  Great food but even better company.  I had so much fun with them! 
She was a great sport and got on the saddle while they sang happy birthday to her.  

Geanna, Danette, Me
Let's do it next conference girls!!