Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wedding Weekend

One of my besties Aimee got married in California and we drove to Newport for the wedding. 
But the night before we had some drama with Molly.  
My other bestie Krystle and I had plans to do each others hair when she got into town then her, Ryan and I would drive to California at 6:30 am the next morning.  Krystle's mom Luanne was sweet enough to stay with Molly for us while we were gone that weekend.  While Luanne was dropping Krystle off, Molly started having a sneezing attack. Throughout the week she had been sneezing a lot but I didn't think anything about it.  That night she was sneezing so much there was eventually a little bit of blood was on her face. I of course started to freak out and it was probally about 11 pm by this point so I called the animal ER to see if there was anything I could do for her.  I described what was going on, I told them she was sneezing/drive heaving and she had blood on her mustach. Krystle and Ryan heard how I described it and were dying laughing.  I of course on the other hand didn't think it was a funny at all, my dog was dying.  :) The hospisal said there was nothing they could do for me unless we brought her in.  Ryan starting figuring out how we could get her to the ER.  Krystle and I needed him to sleep so he could drive in the morning.  We both needed our hair colored and cut before we left and we would be up till about 3 am.  Ryan thought that he would stay home from the trip to take her to the vet but I said I didn't want him to.  I thought I can put Krystle color on and run to the ER and my hair would get done later.  All of these options came up but we kept shooting them down.  While we are talking poor Molly was sneezing up a storm and was getting blood on the carpet.  I was getting really worried at this point.  We were all looking at her and all the sudden after a really really powerful sneeze a long piece of grass flew out of her nose.  Like I'm not kidding like a 3 inch blade of grass.  We all stared at it in disbelief that it just shot out of her nose.  Ryan and I remembered that earlier that week, we saw her eating grass at our Dover house.  I never thought that it would get stuck in the wrong place and she would have to sneeze it out.  After that baby came out, she was fine and didn't act like anything was wrong.  We started to laugh and we were relieved she was okay and they weekend could go as planned.  Krystle and I got our hair done (it really needed to be done, we had sever regrowth and couldn't be in a wedding like that), stayed up till 4 am and we left at 6:30 am like we planned. 
It was a fun weekend.  We got there just in time for the wedding rehersal and rehersal dinner.  That night all of the bridemaids went to Huntington Beach to make Aimee do a check list full of crazy things. 
Beautiful Aimee and her handsome husband, Josh
*I stole this pic off of facebook. 
I only had my phone, so the pictures aren't the greatest.  Krystle was the photographer for the wedding and I was with her the whole trip so I didn't want to carry my camera around.  She does amazing work, check it out here. http://krystlejohnsonphotography.com/
Our bridemaid dresses. 
Bird's eye view of her wedding.  It was so beautiful!
Reception, we danced the night away

Best looking bridesmaid there was.  He's so handsome!


  1. I wish I could have been there for Molly's big sneeze. How sad for her. But the way you describe things is amazing!! I am crying from laughing so hard!! Thanks for making me laugh!!

  2. Haha silly Ryan! Poor Molly had grass through her nose! I would have been freaking out too! I am glad you had fun in Cali! Congrats to Aimee!

  3. Ryan is too much!!!! How can you stand all that jazz in one package? Those Gardner boys have way too much charisma. Guess that's why we married 'em, right?

  4. Wow! That picture of Ryan is pretty awesome. And I laughed so hard when I read that Molly just had grass up her nose. I love it when scary situations turn out to be funny. :)

  5. That picture of Ryan is awesome!

  6. um I just peed my pants laughing. How have I not read half of these posts?!?! I thought I followed your blog! ALso I believe you said, "She has blood on her beard." And the grass was not what caused the blood. You freaking cut her when you were grooming her earlier.....