Tuesday, March 6, 2012


12.23.11 - 12.25.11
My Family got together the Friday before Christmas to celebrate our Christmas Eve. Our traditions are we eat appetizer type foods for dinner, read the nativity, my parents give everyone an ornament and Santa comes.
Crew Miller and Caleb Baker as the wisemen. 
Blake Harper, angel, Cole Miller, the star and Clayton Miller, angel #2 
Cody, Paul and Ryan 
The girls.  Me, Lisa, Donna, Melissa, Jami, Rachel
Cash (featured in the corner) Eli, and Blake 
Boys: Cole, Clayton, Crew, Braeden, Cade, Santa, Drake, Tyke and Brock 
  Since we celebrated Christmas Eve on Friday, everyone else goes to their in laws on Christmas Eve. Ryan's family gets together on Christmas night so we go to a nice dinner with my parents. This year we went to Flemings. Ryan and I have not been there but my parents have and they said it was really really good.
My parents and Ryan got the rib eye and I got the filet. Mine was good but Ryan's was super bloody and fatty. My parents didn't care for their steaks either. We shared all the sides and the desserts.
Our bill was around $300 for everything, so crazy to spend so much money for a meal that wasn't that amazing.
Around 5 am Christmas morning, Ryan woke up sick and threw up. We found out later that my mom woke up sick and threw up also, and my dad didn't feel good all day on Christmas. We figured it had to have been Flemings. So the next day Ryan called to see if anyone else had called in saying they were sick and no one had.  The manager he talked to was really rude to him, this is at the Scottsdale location. We decided that I would email Flemings to tell them what happened. (We don't normally do this but since it was so expensive and it made them sick, I did). I got a call from the operating partner apologizing and he said we could eat there again on him. That's super nice of him but now we have to decided if we want to go back.
 our stockings
 Molly's stocking
She got a bone of course.  
 Ryan's new bike!!!
 My new bike!  Seriously Ryan couldn't have taken a better picture? ha!
 Cash loves Molly kisses, but I know his parents won't love that she kisses him.
 Molly sat squished between Ryan and the couch while we were opening presents.  She's so funny.
 I got a mop and bucket from the Millers and yes I am super
super excited.  I would always borrow theirs to mop my floors.
 The nativity at the Gardners!  It's always a good time.  I didn't take that many pictures, I will work on that for next year. 


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  1. 1...you guys are crazy to spend that much for dinner. I'd rather buy pants!
    2...I'd never go back, even if it was free. Just sayin'!
    Ps...Blayke's name has a y in it! ;)
    Love your bike's! Someday we should have a family bike ride:)