Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Molly's drugged

We have been noticing or rather smelling Molly's bad breath.  Most dogs have some what of a stinky breath but hers was starting to smell like a bad bowel movement so we looked at her teeth.  They were not in the best shape. Some plaque is normal but her was more like a plague of plaque attacked her mouth.  So we decided to get her teeth cleaned.  We went to the vet and it turned out that she needed some teeth extracted too, 7 to be exact.  This isn't her first rodeo, she had her teeth cleaned before and had 7 teeth extracted then too.  I stared to worry I would have to blend her food up so she could gum it down.  But I found out that she only needs 14 teeth chew and dogs have about 60 to start with, give or take 10.  
When we picked her up from the vet the next day, she was so funny and loopy.  She couldn't walk straight and just laid around, with her tongue slightly hanging out.  They suggested to keep and eye on her for a few days so I took her to work with me the next day.  

She was feeling a little better that day.  She would lay by my desk, but also liked to wonder around and visit the guys in their offices.  She would welcome the people that came into my office with a friendly bark. She's so kind.  
She didn't last at work with me all day.  I took her home during lunch since she seemed to be feeling better. 

Her little tongue is hanging out
After all of this, her breath is much better and even more gap toothed but she is still so cute!

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