Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Ryan had to wash his turnouts (fireman clothes) before he turned them back in.  We didn't want to wash them in our machines bc they were super dirty so we took them to the laundromat by our house.  I had so much fun there people and washing machine watching.  Ryan thought I was crazy. 

 Side note: one night after I got done doing hair I came out of my salon and saw this. Ryan asleep and Molly nuzzled up next to him. It was only 9 pm, he was really tired.


  1. Ryan even likes your blanket. The famous Kara blanket!! Well, not the pink one, but this orange one is pretty famous too!!

  2. oh my gosh....i LOVE to people watch too. It's pretty fun. PS. Ryan looks so skinny! =-) We need to invite you guys over sometime...we haven't seen you in forever!