Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cookie Decorating

So deep down I really want to be an awesome cook and baker but those talents have not fully developed...yet.  I was trying to think of something that we could give our family and friends that they would be excited to get each year.   Like my sister Lisa makes chocolate cover pretzels, and my parents make carmel corn.  This year in addition to the sugar cookies Ryan and I make every year, I thought we would  try making toffee and peppermint bark to see if they would be the treat we make every year.
On Sunday Ryan made the cookie dough the while I made pepermint bark, then together we made toffee.  The peppermint bark was yummy, but we burnt the toffee a tiny bit.  It still tastes really good though.  I'm thinking we will stick to peppermint bark and cookies. 
On Monday Ryan cut out and baked  the cookies bc I was doing my sisters hair.  Then on Tuesday night we frosted them.

 I do the ones with the sprinkles, and Ryan does the dones with frosting.  He has such talent.  Look at the ginger bread man.

 Molly wanted to be a part of the fun so Ryan put her on a bar stool next to him.  She sat there the whole time watching. She's so spoiled, we treat her like she's human. :)

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  1. I think you were right on with the peppermint bark and cookies. They were delicious! I had way too many at the Christmas Eve party.