Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Operation Green Bike

For Christmas this year Ryan and I were going to just get new exterior doors for our house but then it turned into getting bikes for each other. He found our bikes on Craig’s list and he said I could do anything I wanted to his so I went to town.
I didn't want to paint the bike at our house b/c he would see it. So while he was hunting I got the idea to ride his bike to my parents house, like 2.5 miles away. Easy right? I was wrong. I got a bag Molly could sit in, hung it on the handle bars and we were off. About 2 minutes into it I was ready to turn around. It has been about 10 years since I have ridden a bike and I never remembered it being that hard. My legs were burning and I was breathing hard. There are two street light I had to wait for and I had never been so excited to stop and wait for a light to turn green. I finally made it to my parents’ house red faced and all. I opened up the garage and the first thing my dad says to me is what did you do? I told them I rode his bike there and it was hard. I tried to blame the tire being flat but Cody was nice enough to confirm that they weren't. Thanks buddy! We all got a good laugh in.
 This was my first spray paint project and it took me around 10 coats b/c it would run or I would touch it. 

I have to say in my defense, I can ride my bike without dying. During our first bike ride I asked Ryan if his bike was hard for him to ride and he said it was a little and that it burned his legs. We have concluded that the bike it tough to ride but Ryan has buff legs so he can handle it better than me. He defiantly  doesn't huff and puff like me.  :)


  1. OK really... you need to update your blog way more!! I get a good laugh every time I read your posts. "Cody was nice enough to confirm they weren't flat!" So funny... only Kara!! Love you!!

  2. haha! The green is much nicer than what was explained to me!