Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ryan's Hunt and My Hunt, yes I said my Hunt

This year Ryan and I both had hunts.  He was sweet enough to put me in and I was lucky enough to get drawn...ya?!?
 His was in unit 6a for deer, riffle and mine was in 6a for an elk, riffle.  
I went scouting with this handsome man in his area. 
Afterwards we drove through Sedona then on to Jerome.  I have never been to Jerome and it was the cutest little town built on the side of a mountain.   
I'm 14 weeks here.  While driving around Jerome we came across a VW festival.  We stopped and walked around and found this monster VW bug.   
We went to the "haunted Jerome Grand Hotel at the top of the mountain.  It was really cool inside but no ghosts followed us home. 
After the hotel we ate at the Haunted Hamburger.  It was so good, loved every bite.   
Ryan's hunt was in the first week of November.  He would go up there when he could and wasn't having any luck.  The night of his last day he was getting ready to head home and a little group of deer came right by the road and he took a shot and got one. 
I'm so proud of him!! His first one ever!
My dad helped him take the meat off the bones. 

 Molly wasn't interested in it at all.  She sat on the couch or would walk by the back door but would not go outside. 

That's as close as she would get.  It made me laugh so hard.
My hunt was the 2nd week in December and up by the Grand Canyon.  Ryan and my dad went up with me.  This was our little camp.  Isn't it cute.  Ryan did everything he could to make it as comfy as he could, and he did a great job. It was freezing there, seriously I haven't ever been that cold. It would get down to like 19 degrees at night. The second night we got the heater in the trailer to work so it was warmer but still cold.   I was 25 weeks pregnant the weekend we went up there.   I already didn't sleep that well and I didn't sleep both nights we were there.  I was never so excited for 4 am to come around. I may have had a panic attack or something like that both nights and cried for no reason.  The crazy thing is I knew I was being irrational but I couldn't stop crying and breathing heavy.  I was seriously a crazy prego girl.  I even convinced Ryan that I needed to switch our bed rolls around so our heads were closer to the middle of the trailer.  So weird.  I was happy to come home, not b/c I hated hunting but I was happy to sleep in my own bed.
This was my get up while we were hunting.  Ryan completely decked me out in head to toe camo.  Yep I even had camo boots.  My pants didn't stayed buttoned b/c of my belly but we kept them up.
These are the only two pictures I got and they aren't  even that great. 
 Ryan scoping for elk.  My dad and I saw four elk but they were too far to shoot.  Those were the only ones that we saw the whole time.  It was a great trip during the day, at night was a different story.  I was sad that we didn't get to take a shot at one.  I don't think that I will want to go hunting while pregnant again. 

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  1. I love this! My day will come soon I'm sure :) You're such a tough cookie