Thursday, February 21, 2013

Christmas & New Years

 Krispy Kreme Donuts had a buy one dozen get one free dozen deal so I printed off two coupons so I could give one to someone.  I know I'm so kind thinking of others.  I had no intentions of using both b/c that is a lot of donuts.  But I got there and had to make a fast decision and poof I came home with 4 dozen donuts.  I ended up giving two boxes away so in the long run the coupon didn't save me any money, it ended up costing me.  I'm so lame and 15 pounds heavier. :)
 Ryan surprised me one night and made a fire, hot chocolate and we watched Home Alone 2 by the fire.  He called it my holiday surprise.  He is so cute!

Molly joined us of course. How did I get so lucky!
 Every year we make sugar cookies to give out to people.
 Cash giving Molly some love.  He's so sweet. I don't think Molly is sharing the excitement. 
The Harper Nativity.   It's always a good show.  
 Mark played the guitar and Braeden played the cello while we sang Christmas songs. 

 Santa came to spread some Christmas cheer.  We all have to take pictures of course. 
 The Harper girls
The Harper boys. 
The party took it out of Ryan and Molly.  They both were wiped out by the end. 
CHRISTMAS MORNING!!!!!  Santa came! 
 Santa even brought Molly a present.  She had a bone in her stocking.  

 We were suppose to have a spending limit this year of $100 each but Ryan splurged and got us Iphone 5 and me a little gun.  He such a rebel.  It was a fun surprise for me.  I stuck pretty close to the budget so he got clothes and fun little things.  Lets just say his Christmas wasn't as exciting. There's always next year.  
 Christmas Day at the Harpers
 Love our little family

 Its always a mad house when its present opening time.  Its always fun to see the big mess. 
We spent Christmas night with the Gardners, night at the Flemings.  The Nativity is always fun to watch.  Since their family is filled with girls, its always fun to see who gets to play Mary.  
NEW YEARS EVE!!! We didn't so anything to exciting this year.  We stayed home, got pizza, Mallory and Todd McClellan came over and we played games.  It was a fun relaxing night.  
The boys wanted to get a fire going while we played games.  The boys couldn't get it to burn for more than 30 seconds so before we could start playing the boys had to get it burning.  Molly is hoping they can get it going so we can start having fun again.  
They finally got it to start.  We are so proud of our boy scouts.  Happy New Year!!!  Bring it on 2013!

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