Friday, May 20, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt!

This is the usual scene on Easter.  The adults sit on the fence while the kids are looking for the eggs.  This year Ryan Harper, Ryan Gardner, me, Cole and Clay helped us hide the eggs.  
Rachel, Cody, Donna, Derwin, Cole, Clay, Ryan, Lisa, Jami in the back.  
Sweet Sweet times!

This gem is a picture Lisa got of me, taking a picture of Molly.  I know I look good, don't be jealous. Yes I am being totally serious. 
 Here are the sweet pictures I got of my sweet precious Molly. Yes I placed the egg next to her.  She's doesn't appreciate my hard work. 
The best pictures I got.  She's was to interested in what was going on around her.  Maybe I'll get a better picture of her next Easter.

Everyone counting their money and candy.  What a great time day!

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