Friday, July 1, 2011


Ryan's brother graduated from Southern Utah University.  We traveled to Cedar City for the event.  It was a really fast trip, we left on Friday and came home on Saturday.  We went with Ryan's dad, brother Curtis, and his son Zane.  At first I thought it was a little crazy to take a 4 year old on such a long road trip but I was totally wrong.  Zane was a such a good boy and really entertaining.  
Curtis, David, Ryan and Alicia (Ryan's sister)

The fam. Ryan, Dad, David, Curtis, and Alicia
Once we got into town we went to the hotel to check in.  Ryan's dad and Curtis went in to get everything ready while Ryan, Zane and I waited in the car for them.  At this point we had been the car for awhile and my tummy had been hurting, so I thought it would be okay to relive it.  Ryan totally called me out on it while Zane and I were laughing.  I told Zane not to tell anyone when they got in the car.  But Ryan of course told everyone and when Curtis got back in the car, he asked Zane if someone tooted, and he said "I don't know." He totally had my back.  At that point I knew that we were always going to be good friends.  

On our way home we stopped at the new bridge.  It was so crazy how high up it is. I love looking down at the dam, it has such a crazy view.  We got back into the car after the bridge and Zane was so funny and kept saying, with his cute little voice that he was the only one that saw the bridge. 


  1. if this were fb I would like everyone of these pictures.

  2. I love that you blogged that you tooted.

  3. I love the picture of Ryan and his brother cheese-ily smiling. They look so similar!

  4. I bet Ryan and David are a crack up together!
    I would like to know when you don't let them rip? LOL! ;) And of course Ryan's not going to have your back on that one! haha! Looks like a fun, crazy fast trip!