Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lesson Learned...

I have cut Molly's hair a few times during the winter to save money.  It's not her favorite thing to sit on my bathroom counter and get her hair but I bribe her with treats so she sits for a little bit.  If Ryan is home, he gets to be my special little helper and hold her still for me.  
In the past I feel comfortable saying that I did some what of  a decent job.  Now I shouldn't open a dog grooming business anytime soon, but I thought I was pretty good at trimming her.  But once it stayed hot for a week or so I decided to treat her to a day at the doggy spa.  Who am I kidding, she hates going there, but she looks so cute when she is groomed.  Well it's been a few months since that happened. 
*after the dog groomer 
On Sunday I got the idea to trim her up.  The main thing I wanted to trim was around her face.  But I thought she might like to have her hair a little shorter since it's hot.  That's where I went wrong...
*Notice the shaved bare chest area, by her back leg, all the skin showing.
She looks like she has some sort of disease.  Believe me the pictures do her justice.  I don't have clippers that glide over her and give her a good cut so I grab hair pull it up from her and trim that.  I did it once right by her leg and realized then that it was a bad idea but I had to keep going to try to make it look even or at least I thought I had to keep going.
We went to dinner at my parents house they noticed but didn't want to say anything, they were trying to be polite.  We had a good laugh.
Later that night we meet up with Ryan's brother David and his family.  They asked if Molly had something wrong with her coat or a disease.  We started laughing and once we told them what happened we died laughing. 
So if you see Molly and she looks a little...different...you know what happened.  Don't make her feel more self conscious.  :)  I'm going to stick to doing human hair and steer clear of cutting dog hair.  Lesson Learned


  1. Poor Molly! She is still cute even with messed up hair. This post made me laugh! I bet she isn't too happy with you Kara!

  2. Take that poor dog to the groomer and fix her up! Or take her over to your new "dog grooming" neighbor!