Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Birthday Boy

Someone had a birthday on June 28!!  Yep it was RYAN!!!!  He turned 25!  We didn't just celebrate his birthday but he had a birthday week.  We celebrated a few different times.  
On his birthday some friends came over and brought fireworks and who were they....
PATRICK, CHRISTINE AND KATIE!!  Whoo hoo!! Patrick and Katie are wearing shirts with his face on it.  He felt so honored. 
They brought pizza, and we had a party!
He got a sweet back scratcher,
Arizona shirt with horses on it, yes I said horses and a gift card from his awesome friends.   
Molly of course was invited.
I got him stuff to use when he goes hunting and 
a gun case.  I got fancy this year and used grocery ads to wrap his presents. 
PS Apples were on sale that week at Frys. 
Ryan prefers pie to cake so I got him a german chocolate pie and a mini banana cream pie. They were super yummy.  We couldn't find candles so we resorted to using a lighter.  We are classy! 
It took a few tries to get it to stay lit. Doesn't Ryan look good in his horse shirt, I thought so.
That weekend Ryan and I had a fancy night.  We went to Home Depot, Carabas and almost made it to a movie, but it was to late to go. On Saturday we went to Ah-So.  It was a great weekend!  Happy birthday baby!  You're the bestest friend I could ask for!


  1. So jealous of his horse shirt!! ;)
    Looks like a super party...and I'm with Ryan, I think I'd rather have pie than cake any day!

  2. OK, where did that come from??? I absolutely love it!! Lucky guy!! Happy Birthday Ryno!!