Thursday, November 17, 2011

Baby Capri Lynn Baker

The week we were moving, my sister Jami and her hubby Mark  Baker had their baby girl.  It was a clear warm Tuesday night...ha I will spare you all the details, and leave you with pictures.  Find out the whole story here,
Doesn't Jami looks so beautiful.  She is about 2 hours aways from pushing a baby out. 
She's HERE!  There was a little scare b/c she got some liquid in her lungs.  I don't know the technical terms but she recovered after a little bit and is doing great.  Look at all the dark hair! 
Grandma Harper (Donna) and me.  She's such a cute little baby.
Maybe I should thinking about having one of my own...nah I will keep living through my brothers and sisters.  It's fun being the "cool" aunt

2 1/2 Months, isnt she just a cutie

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  1. Well, don't I feel special having a post about me on YOUR blog!!! I need you to be the author of my blog, you word things in such a funny way!! Baby Capri and I thank you for the publicity!!