Tuesday, November 1, 2011

goodbye old friend, hello new one!

I had to say goodbye to my old friend. I have had her for the past 3 and a half years. I bought her when I was single and we had a lot of good times. We had plenty of bonding time and she treated me really well, unless you count the 2 red light tickets and 5 speeding tickets I got. We wanted to find another car that got better gas mileage and would be cheaper to fix if she broke down.
Tears were shed on the day I sold her.
Goodbye Infiniti G35

Meet my new ride.  She is everything we hoped for and more.  27 miles per gallon and really dependable.  Don't forget how good she looks.  And no tickets yet!!!
HELLO 2010 Toyota Camry

*The inside, my favorite part!  It lights up blue at night!


  1. I love you and Molly in the background. And yes, Infinity will be missed.... but now you have blue lights in the interior!! Awesome!!

  2. Cute car! Is it brand new or used?? Looks nice!