Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Once the bank accepted the offer we had on our house, we had a week and a half to move. We had an offer back in April and we thought we would be moving then but it fell through. We were half way packed b/c of that. Ryan asked two of his friends, Nick Sorensen and Tyler Francis to help him move the big stuff on a Thursday. They are awesome! Thanks guys!! Ryan and I moved everything else in 3 loads. After all of this, we decided we have way too much stuff.

pictures before we moved...


I cried as we drove away for the last time.  I will miss you Decatur house.  You were the first house I bought and there are so many memories there.  But Ryan and I bought the Dover house together and there will be a lot more happy memories made there.


  1. The Dover house is soo cute!! But yes, Decatur will be missed!!

  2. OK seriously....I have to come see the dang Dover house. We should take a field trip the next time we're at your parents for Sunday dinner!

  3. That's a good idea. I haven't seen the inside of it since the end of June. It was a construction zone then.