Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cardinal Game

Ryan and I got free tickets to the Cardinals game so we took advantange of it.  Ryan has been to a few of them but I have never been and I was really excited to go.  We parked like 2 miles away so they bused us in on school buses.  I have not been on a school bus since junior high, still smells the same. 

 The stadium is huge!

 The game was okay while we were there.  There were a few field goals but no touchdowns.  We left at the end of the 3rd quarter bc we were meeting his family in Surprise for family dinner. While we were at dinner we found out that there were some touchdowns made and they were tied.  Then it happened...it was in overtime, we had the ball kicked to us, Peterson got the ball and ran it back for a 99 yard touchdown.  We were so sad we missed it, but family dinner was fun.  There was a pushup contest that happened.  Everyone did at least one push-up, even the small 3 year old kids.  So funny!

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