Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Olofson Wedding

Our good friends Pat Olofson and Christine Arnold got married over the weekend.  They got married in a park with a mountain in the background.  It was really beautiful.  Ryan was one of the groomsman.

  All the friends
Nick Sorenson, Sam Mineer, Katie McGauley, Tyler Francis, Scott Sorenson, Bonnie Thompson, Christine Arnold, Pat Olofson, Ryan, Me, Tyler, ?, Kelvin Bahr, Trevor Olofson
 The wedding party

 Of course there was dancing...

 and lots of it
 Doesn't Ryan look amazing!!! He has worked really hard and has lost about 40 lbs! 
I'm so proud of him!! He's so hot!

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  1. he does look great! i didn't even recognize him the first time i saw him at dinner! that was a fun night. so good to see you