Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fishing Trip

Ryan went on his first fishing trip with my dad up by Pinetop.  They left around 4 am to get up there.  The first stop was to an AC job that my dad was doing.  Next off to the lake, I'm not sure which lake they went to.  Ryan was the first one to catch a fish, and it was the first fish he had ever caught.  Throughout the rest of the day he caught 4 more fishes.  My dad caught 4.  They had a blast together. 
That night after my dad dropped Ryan off he called and said Ryan stole one of his fish.  Ryan said he hadn't and that he should look in the ice chest again.  The fish wasn't in there, it turns out my dad found it in the belly of one of the fishes he caught, it had been swallowed. Silly dad, blaming Ryan!
We get to have a fish fry now!


  1. Gross! So one of the fish ate the other fish?
    Have fun with your fish fry!

  2. Ew...That picture is kind of nauseating. Hope you enjoyed it... :)