Monday, January 24, 2011

Suns Playoffs with Bryson

We got tickets to go the the Suns playoff games and we took Ryan's nephew Bryson with us.  It was a close games but we WON!!  I was sitting next to the loudest fan there, he's in my picture with the beard and hat.  Yes Ryan is a VERY loud cheerleader for the Suns but even though he's loud, it makes the game more exciting.  


  1. Give me an L, gimmie an O, gimmie a U, gimmie a D....what does that spell...oh yeah Ryan! And that's why we love ya! HaHa....well that and because he'll wear the Elvis costume! :)

  2. AWESOME!!!!!!! I love this!!! Another blog to stock!! And Ryan looks like he's grabbing that girl's boob in the Elvis picture. I guess he has to play the part too!! :) Keep up the posting girl!! LOVE IT!!!