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Septermber 11, 2009
I got ENGAGED!!! I have been dating Ryan Gardner since April but we have known each other since last year. We went to California about 2 weeks ago with some friends. The second night there Ryan and I went for a walk on the beach. As we were walking he stopped me, told me he love me, got down on one knee and asked me to MARRY HIM!!! I didn't know if he was being serious at first b/c he has fake proposed at Home Depot before. We were both dressed grungy and shopping for a garbage disposal. After that incident, I told him that I needed to be dressed cute and it had to be a surprise. Check and Check! I was surprised, dressed cute and he was totally being serious! So... I said YES!!! He popped the question with a RING POP! The ring wouldn't be done for another week but he couldn't wait. I didn't see it coming at all. I didn't think that he had asked my dad yet. He was sneaky and drove all the way over to my side of town and asked him the night before we left for California. I feel so lucky! He's the greatest guy ever! We don't have a date yet but we are thinking sometime in January. Let the fun begin!

 The original ring. Yes I ate some of it while we were calling out family that night. I couldn't help it, strawberry is my favorite flavor!
 The official Ring! It's so beautiful! Ryan did an amazing job!
 Pictures of us in California.  We went shopping, the beach, and to Six Flags.  It was the best trip of my LIFE, oh and Ryans to! :)

 Nick, Pat, Christine, Scott, Katie, Todd, Ryan and me

LIttle did I know this was right before he proposed.  He did it that night on the beach!  He's so sneeky!! 

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