Thursday, February 17, 2011

Green Dragon

We took the green dragon (Ryan's sandrail) up to 4 peaks one weekend.  I don't know how much Molly enjoyed the trip, she clung on to me the whole ride.  I had to protect her from all the flying rocks.  It was fun though, I'm glad we took her.  Ryan almost took us over few cliffs, at least I thought so.  I was scared for my life, but Ryan was laughing.  But it was a great time, I love going out on it.  
I've driven it only once.  I have to sit on the edge of the seat to reach the pedals.  So when I pushed the clutch in and would tell Ryan when to shift.  Since I have to sit so low, I had to look through the steering wheel to see.  The first time I drove it the breaks went out so we had to coast to a stop.
 It was a great time. Hollar!

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