Thursday, February 24, 2011

Harper Family Pictures

Our pictures were done my awesome, amazing, and totally talented friend Krystle Johnson.
She does an amazing job.  Here's a link to her web site.  Be prepared to be amazed.  
My Family got family picture done this year.  There's 24 of us!  We managed to all put our best side forward.  My goodness...we look good!!!
Back Row: Cody, Rachel, Ryan, Melissa, Mark, Jami, Paul, baby Cash, Lisa, me Ryan
Front Row: Blayke, Brock, Tyke, Drake, Elli, Caleb, My dad Derwin, My mom Donna, Caden, Clayton, Braeden, Crew and Cole.  

Sisters: Lisa, Me, Melissa (Sister in Law) Mom, Jami, Rachel (Sister in law)

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  1. I AM AMAZED!!! What beautiful people in your family!! Wow!!