Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Standin on a Corner

We went to Winslow with our good friends Shauna and JD Barker.  Shauna is from there so we got to see all the highlights.  It was a fun weekend filled with adventures.
The train goes over that bridge.  It was rebuilt and was so awesome to look at.  

Ryan and JD
Shauna's dad Robyn took us around and told us about the indians that used to live there long ago.  It was sweet listening to all the stories.  He took us to a cave where some indians were burned b/c they stole another tribes daughters.  It was so cool down there.  (i hope I'm remembering the story right)

Standin on the Corner. 
Wanna go for a ride?? I was a little nervous but how could I not trust a face like that??
I just realized I didn't get any pictures of Shauna.  Thanks for the great weekend.  We would totally go back again to visit.  

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