Monday, February 28, 2011

Christmas 2010

Yes I am Still playing catch up.  I'm only 3 months late posting this. :)
 Merry Christmas!  Santa let Ryan borrow his Santa suite on Christmas Eve night.  He went and visited the Barkers house and the Millers.  He did change his shoes though, those white ones don't really go with the suite. 
 Ho Ho Ho Baby!
(yes I am aware I look creepy in this picture, but it's the only picture I had on Santa's lap)
 The nativity at the Harpers.  The always do an amazing job. I love the 2 angels in the back. 
Ryan and Paul are so cute with Molly in the picture.  Next years Christmas card, I think so. Enough said.
 My sisters and sister in laws.  I don't know why my mom isn't in the pic, she must have been doing something.  Me, Jami, Lisa, Rachel and Melissa. 
Santa CAME!!! Christmas morning.  We don't splurge on a big tree yet, we don't have space to store it.  I love the stockings.  Molly had a bone in her stocking and she wouldn't part with that thing all morning long. 

 Ryan surprised me and got me a pink .22! I'm actually really excited for it!! It was a good year. 
 Ryan before we went to my parents house.  He was a little dissapointed b/c he really wanted a Ruger .22 but I told him I didn't know which one to get him. 
 SIIIKE! I totally fooled him.  He has been dying for a gun for the past 5 months so I decided to play a trick on him this year. I wrapped the gun and took it over to my parents house. So on Christmas morning we opened all of our presents to each other at our house and he was severely disappointed that he didn't get the gun. I told him that I didn't know what gun to get and we would go later to pick out one together. It took all I had not to tell him he was getting it later that day. A few hours later when we were all done opening presents at my parents house, I finally got the gun out for him. He was so stoked and surprised. It was Christmas miracle. Ha! Now that I think more about it, it was a little mean of me to make him wait so long. Oh well... BOO YA I GOT HIM SO GOOD!!!
 I'm so sneeky!! 

 At the Gardners that night Ryan was part of the Talent show.  He was featured in the song Santa Baby, sung by Meghann and Grace.  It was really cute.
 The Gardner Nativity.  It's so fun to see them all dress up for it. 
It was a great Christmas.  I had so much fun. The day went by to fast.  I can't wait for next year, I love the Christmas season.

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