Monday, June 11, 2012

Breadsticks or just sticks

I think I should blame Pintrest but I have been trying to cook and make more things.  This night I decided to try to make breadsticks.  I have never made any type of bread so this was an adventure.  

This is them after I baked them.  They don't look much like breadsticks, it was pretty much a big fail.  I blame that I didn't let the yeast activate.  
My taste tester.  He said they tasted good but looked funny.  We called them sticks instead of breadsticks.  
such a sport

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  1. Haha The same thing happened to me awhile back! I was so excited for my breadsticks and I used my mom's recipe and I took before pictures. The before pictures looked exactly like the end pictures. They didn't rise and looked like yours. Maybe it is the yeast problem or maybe we just stink at making breadsticks!:)