Thursday, June 14, 2012

Easter, Easter and More Easter

Easter morning I had a special note from "Floppy" aka Ryan.  I did as I was told.

I look so precious in the morning

 It was the hardest egg hunt I have ever been on.  There were only 15 eggs all hidden in our backyard.  I had to do some serious hunting to find them.  They were hidden in trees, the pool, lights, everywhere. Each egg had a Kit Kat and dollar bills.  Floppy was nice to me this year. It took me about an hour to find all of them.
 That night we went to my parents house for the annual Easter egg hunt. It's always a fun time to watch all the kids find the eggs.  My dad always hides a few money eggs with $5 bills in them.  You're lucky to find those. We had dinner, family home evening lesson, then on to the egg hunt.
Clayton Miller going to extremes to get a money egg

Crew Miller

Cade Miller

My dad enjoying the hunt

Brock Harper, my mom, Cash and Crew Miller

Molly, she's too go to look for eggs

Caleb, Mark Baker, Melissa Harper, Capri, Jami Baker, Ryan Harper, Rachel Harper, Avlyn

Cash Miller, he did more stealing then finding

Every year this is where most of the adult end up to watch the hunt.
Rachel Harper, Avlyn, Cody Harper, Jami Baker, Capri, Lisa Miller, Mom, Dad

They don't like cameras do they?

Checking out their loot, Braeden Baker, Cade Miller, Drake Harper

Trying to steel some eggs, sneaky pants

Blayke Harper, Molly

My dad, and Elli Baker

Cash Miller and Tyke Harper
We love Easter time!

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