Wednesday, June 20, 2012


California...what!!!  Woo hoo!! Who doesn't love A LOT of pictures!  :) I need to figure out how to make a collage of day.
We drove over and went to Disneyland for two days, LA Temple, San Diego Temple, and then San Diego.
Warning: There will be a lot of self portraits like this.  We need a third person to take pictures of us

I make chex mix for every road trip we go on.  I hate the nuts, Ryan hates the Cheerios.  We still love each other somehow. 
We stayed at Ryan's uncle Allen's house for the first part of our trip.  When we got there we played games, laughed and ate dinner.  The next morning we headed out to Disneyland!!!

Ryan's First Flight...ever

Ryan won...
I have been wanting to go forever and I was so excited we finally got to go, Ryan was excited to go, but not as much as me.  I talked him into wearing matching shirts the first day.  When I was little my family would wear matching shirts...who hasn't.  He was such a trooper.  The lines weren't to bad, our longest wait was Soarin over California, and Toy Story.  We discovered the Dole Whip ice cream by the Tikki Room and oh my...I love me some churros and popcorn but that ice cream trumps both of those.  It was so yummy.



My favorite ride, it makes me laugh the whole time.  Ryan loved to squish me on the sharp turns!
Tower of Terror
don't we look scared

Buzz Lightyear, guess who won...Ryan of course.
Space Mountain
 DAY 2!!!  I told you there was a lot of Pictures! 
Ryan's Uncle Allen is behind him, and his wife Lin behind him.
 They joined us for the first part of the morning.
Splash Mountain. I thought I could be sneaky and sit in the
front and duck so I wouldn't get wet but....
I was wrong.  We both got soaked, really soaked.  My clothes were wet most of the day. Once they were almost dry, Ryan convinced me to go on the Bear Mountain water ride in California Adventure.  I got soaked all over again.
Our car kept dying on us, so we had the guy behind us push us so it would start again. 

He forgot his hat so his head was burning. 
He looks good with mickey ears. Instead of buying a hat,
he borrowed some sunscreen from some random family. 

Tower of Terror

Toy Story Mania, again
of course he won...again
Screamin, this line was only 15 minutes so we went on it like 6 times.  
We didn't plan this at all
Toy Story was a favorite.  It was almost closing time so we decided to placed a bet.  If Ryan won we would leave and go get something to eat, if I won we would use our Fast Passes to Splash Mountain. It was a battle but RYAN WON AGAIN!  I secretly let him win b/c I was tired and didn't want to walk all the way to Splash Mountain.  Don't tell him though.
Ryan's Uncle is a sealer at the LA Temple so on Wednesday we meet him over there and did sealings with him.  It was our first time at that temple and it is so pretty and big.  Loved it.
 After that we drove down to San Diego and stopped by the temple on our way.  We did initiatories while we were there.  WOW that temple is so beautiful.  We couldn't believe it.  We could have sat in there all day.
My birthday was a few weeks before and for my birthday dinner I wanted to go to Anthony's.  Its in downtown San Diego on the water and it was so DELICIOUS!!  Ryan had a steak and I had lobster for the first time.
Next morning we went on a eating fest.  We started out at Kono's at Mission Beach. It was a huge breakfast but so good. I can't wait to go back.

We hung out on the beach for most of the morning walking and sleeping. Yes sleeping, we feel asleep for a little bit and of course I got burnt. I need to learn sunscreen is my friend.

 We hit up Hodads for lunch.  Its a place Ryan saw on Diners, Drive Ins and Drives.  He has been wanting to go there forever.  They don't just put one or two strips of bacon on your burger, they put a whole patty of it.  They boil the bacon, then grill it.  It was so so yummy!  Best burger and onion rings.

Lunch at Hodads!  Totally worth the million calories
Later that day we went wondering around San Diego.  We ended up in Old Town San Diego at the Mormon Battalion tour.  It was so sweet to learn what those men and women went through.  Ryan volunteered to dress up like a soldier.
Ready for war

The next morning we headed home.  We were so sad to leave but had to get back to reality.  The drive went by pretty fast.  Ryan started the second Hunger Games book and was really into it so I read to him all the way home.  I had no voice the next day but it was worth it.
It was a really great trip, can't wait for our next one!


  1. Looks like so much fun! We just took the kids to Disneyland, but looking at your pictures makes me want to go with just Chris!

  2. Man... just found time to look at ALLLLL those pictures!! Man alive!! But wow.... looks like a blast. Makes me so anxious to go to Disneyland!! I want to go like yesterday!! And I want to go to the Battalion too. I am so loving all your pictures from the rides! Way entertaining!! Nice!!

  3. you guys are so fun. i wish we lived closer!

  4. that looked like a blast. I am a little jealous of the matching T-Shirts.....